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Payment Options

The prices shown on the Internet pages of Cat Shop apply at the time of the order. All prices quoted are final prices in Euro and include VAT at the current rate of 19 percent. Obvious price errors reserved. Packaging and shipping costs will be charged extra.

Cat Shop accepts all payment methods offered on the Cat Shop website during the order process. The customer chooses his preferred method of payment himself. By the payment method (possibly) additional costs incurred (eg COD charge) will also be charged.

A settlement of reciprocal claims is only possible with the express written consent of Cat Shop.

Delivery, delivery times and shipping costs

The delivery of the goods to the customer is carried out by the third party (delivery services) specified within the ordering process. The customer chooses his preferred shipping method itself. The shipping costs will be announced to the customer before triggering the ordering process within the basket.

Goods in stock will be shipped within three working days of receipt of order.

For goods not in stock, the delivery time can be up to four weeks after receipt of order. For the delivery possibility Cat Shop is dependent on the timely self-delivery. If the delivery fails for reasons that Cat Shop is not responsible for, Cat Shop may rescind the contract. Cat Shop is committed to informing the customer in good time. Any payments made will be refunded immediately. In this case, the customer is not entitled to compensation.

Partial deliveries are permissible unless the customer recognizes that they are not interested in them or are clearly not able to reasonably expect them to do so. The costs for transport and packaging will only be charged once in this case.

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